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Sons of Mil - Brotherly Love

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Brotherly Love

Who doesn't love a good guy clique? These groups of bros—literal, actual brothers—hang out, wrestle, box, and give each other wedgies all the time. But watch out—you don't want to offend one of them, or the others will be on you in a second.

Five Nez Perce Brothers

These guys are really close—too close, sometimes. You definitely don't want to be anywhere near them at lunch. When the oldest one got hurt hunting, he licked the blood off himself, liked its taste, and became a cannibal—he ate himself until he was nothing but (not even skin and) bones. He consumed all of them, except the youngest.

Maui and His Brothers

What a lack of naming originality! The Polynesian hero Maui had four brothers, all named Maui. He was such a superhero that his bros got jealous, but he taught them useful tricks like slowing down the sun. They also stole fish he caught—the fishies escaped and created the jagged New Zealand landscape.

The Sons of Aegyptus

These fifty Greek brothers all wanted to marry their cousins (what a surprise).. Their cousins, daughters of King Danaus, weren't so keen on them, so their dad gave them knives to kill their hubbies on their wedding nights. All but one girl, the eldest, did it. Now, these dudes sulk around, 49 in number, with big holes in their throats. It's not easy to chew and swallow if it all falls out.

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