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Sons of Mil - All Hail the Conquering Heroes?

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All Hail the Conquering Heroes?

We takin' over.. .one myth at a time! These groups of folks brought many nations under their umbrellas to create really big countries. After all, if you're a warrior, you've gotta get spoils!

The Heraclids

Hercules had a whole bunch of sons, and, after their dad was so poorly treated by Eurystheus, they got their revenge. Eurystheus kicked them out of Greece after Hercules died, but they came back in full force after hanging out in exile for a while. They invaded Greece three generations later, took it over, and nothing was the same.


Big J is a great guy in Japanese mythology—he founded the imperial family!—but he's done some conquering in his time. When his brother was killed in battle, he left his homeland to find a new place to live, but a local god put a spell on him, since he was an invading force. He went on to get a magic sword and do great deeds. He's often taking a nap during lunch—he's all for recharging his batteries before class.


Quetzy, or "the Feathered Serpent" in Meso-American myths was a great warrior. He was a big Toltec dude who took the city of Chichén from its original inhabitants. He himself was tricked once into exile, so it didn't happen again—he's not a fan of surprises, needless to say!

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