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Sons of Mil Sightings

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Jan 1, 1970 - Dec 20, 2019

.Historia Brittonum by Nennius

This really old British history also tells our story. It tells how our dad migrated all over the world and we ended up in Ireland. It also mentions how Amergin "White-Knee" had to end a fight between Eber Finn and Eremon to get us to settle down.

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

Lebor Gabala Erenn (The Book of the Takings of Ireland)

This book recounts just how we took, or invaded, Ireland. It starts with our uncle Ith, who was killed by the Tuatha de Danaan. We avenged him, conquered the land, named it after three Tuatha de Danaan queens, and forced the Tuatha underground. Nice going!

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

"The Genealogy of Cuchulain" in The Book of the Dun Cow

Want to know how the Sons of Mil fit into the history of Irish heroes? Cuchulain's mortal father, Sualtam, is descended from Eremon. We're simply the best.

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

Annals of the Four Masters

This history of the world (part 1) tells everyone about everything that ever happened in Ireland. Eremon and Eber Finn did a lot of good stuff the year they split Ireland. The year after, they fought a battle called the Battle of Geisill, when Eremon killed Eber Finn.

Dec 20, 1987

Bard: the Odyssey of the Irish by Morgan Llywelyn

The greatest bard of our time tells our story and how we migrated to Ireland. It's full of drama and angst, just like any good soap opera.

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