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Taweret (Opet) - Big Mouths

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Big Mouths

This clique keeps the local dentist happy. They've all got huge mouths full of angry teeth.Taweret's hippopotamus grin is fierce, and it only gets worse when she puts on her crocodile hat.


It's a shark! But don't let those teeth scare you. This Hawai'ian god leads lost sailors back home in return for a little kava juice offering. If he's in a good mood, he might manifest in a regular fish, too, and swim around Maui while you surf.

Saturn (Kronos) 

Nobody's sure how many teeth this Greek and Roman Titan has, but we all know he uses his mouth a lot. And not just to talk, but to eat: his own kids. You'd think his wife Rhea would've found him something better to gnaw on! Ew.


The Norse mega-wolf who will end the world has huge teeth—and isn't afraid to use them. Just ask Tyr, who lost a hand when he tried to pet him. Odin's trying to teethe him with a sword, but nobody's sure that's working out so well. Frigg's worried that one of these days, Odin's going to get it.

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