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Taweret (Opet) Gossip

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In the TV series Lost, a giant statue of Taweret is important to the plot. (Don't ask us to spoil it. Go watch yourself.) Oddly enough, the actual model of the statue used in the show looks more like Taweret's boyfriend Sobek than Taweret herself.

Taweret isn't the only ancient Egyptian god or goddess that's depicted with different parts from various animals. Seth takes the form of an animal that can be part anteater, dog, pig, or horse. Ammit, the angry monster that sits at the foot of the scales that weigh people's hearts after they die, has the same "parts" that Taweret has, but in a different order. Ammit has a crocodile head, lion's mane and paws, and hippo feet. (Taweret has the hippo on top and the lion on bottom, and the crocodile isn't usually part of her, but a very strange hat she wears.)

There's a big Taweret statue outside the front of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California. She makes sure nobody gets in to mess with the mummies.

There's a monstrous "bugard" (a boar-like creature) named Taweret in Final Fantasy XI. According to her information sheet, she's "aggressive" and "true hearing." Sounds about right even if the beast isn't in hippo form….

Along with a bunch of the other ancient Egyptian gods, Taweret shows up in the Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan. Bes calls her "Honeycakes," which we think is funny, mostly because it's something only Bes would be tough enough to get away with. In mythology, though, Bast and Taweret get along just fine.

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