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Taweret (Opet) - The Softies

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The Softies

The scariest, most intimidating people are often the softest, nicest ones. This is also true of gods and goddesses—and Taweret's part of this clique of gods who send most people running. Bring a cute kitten or a baby to class, though, and she'll smile and make silly noises along with the rest of 'em.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

The rest of the Olympians think Hephaestus is just an ugly dude who's allergic to baths. But his hot wife Aphrodite knows better. For her, he creates the most beautiful and delicate things. Kinda surprising given those big hands, but he's more gentle than you'd think.


She's the keeper of all the Norse dead, exiled forever into a land underneath the World Tree. The Fenrir wolf and the Jormungand serpent are her brothers, and half her face is a skull. But the mistress of the underneath grows beautiful apples in her orchard, and everyone who's met her says she's very polite.


The Maya fear their god of storms for good reason: he can bring lightning, thunder, and hurricanes. But Chac is also responsible for the rain and making crops grow. He's also fond of tiny frogs. (They're so cute!)

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