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Thanatos - Thanatos vs. Sisyphus

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Thanatos vs. Sisyphus

Case Description: Complainant (Thanatos) accuses Defendant (Sisyphus) of false imprisonment. After King Sisyphus did all kinds of awful things, like killing guests and giving away Zeus's secrets, Zeus ordered Thanatos to chain the mortal down in the Underworld. However, the sneaky Sisyphus tricked the death god by asking him to demonstrate how the chains worked. When Thanatos put on the chains, Sisyphus ditched the psychopomp and high-tailed it back to the land of living.

Case Status: Case closed. Ares, who was annoyed that no one was dying, freed Thanatos. Eventually, Sisyphus totally got what was coming to him, when the gods doomed him to forever push a giant bolder up a hill in the Underworld.

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