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Dagda - Clubs Club

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Clubs Club

Why use a sword when you could use a club? These guys are gifted at Whack-a-Mole, always hit the bell on the carnival High Striker, and occasionally dabble in golf. The Dagda's club was huge; it created rifts so deep they were proclaimed the boundaries between provinces. It took eight non-Dagda men to lift the thing! Hammer-users get honorary inclusion for wielding big blunt objects. Oh, and to top it all off, every one of these dudes is ruggedly handsome.

Heracles (Hercules) 

Heracles is the strong-man of Greco-Roman mythology. He wields a club (check!), has a sweet beard (check!), and is oppressed and abused by Hera (like the Dagda under the Fomorians). He's also in the unique position of having been mortal before being a god, which is similar to the Tuatha De Danann, most of whom toed the god/mortal line.


If you're looking for a burly dude with an A+ swing, look to the Norse god Thor. Thor's massive magic hammer has been directly compared to the Dagda's massive magic club.


Sucellus is a Gaulish god (the Gauls were a celtic people who lived in the France/Germany area) whose nickname is "the Good Striker" due to his skill with his epic hammer. He's super beardy and masculine and is tied to agriculture, just like our Big D. Plus, he has a horn of plenty that's similar to the Dagda's never-empty cauldron.

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