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Dagda - The Dagda vs. Cridenbel

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The Dagda vs. Cridenbel

Case Description: The prosecution (the Dagda) accuses the defendant (Cridenbel, who has a creepy mouth growing out of his chest) of attempted murder-by-starvation. Cridenbel approaches the Dagda every day and asks the Dagda for the three biggest portions of food; the Dagda obliges out of a sense of honor.

Case Status: Case settled outside the courtroom. The Dagda, wasting away, told his friend Mac Oc of the situation. Mac Oc told the Dagda to put three gold coins in his food and then to give that to Cridenbel. Cridenbel ate the food greedily, choked on the coins, and died. Fortunately, the Dagda couldn't be tried for murder-by-poison because it's not his fault Cridenbel ate so fast that he didn't notice gold in his food.

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