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Dagda - Dagda vs. Indech

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Dagda vs. Indech

Case Description: The prosecution (Indech) brings a case against the defendant (the Dagda) for espionage, and also suggests that the defendant had sexual relations with his daughter after leaving the Fomorian camp.

Case Status: Case dismissed. Indech's daughter actively pursued the Dagda. She's an adult and can make her own decisions—sorry, Dad. As for the espionage, the judge verified that it's true the Dagda went to their camp and asked for a false truce. The Fomoire agreed to it, and proceeded to force the Dagda to eat a pit full of porridge, which is pretty rude. But the Dagda ate every last bit, and it's kind of the Fomorians' own faults for believing him about that truce.

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