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The Dagda is a popular namesake for bands across the pond. A couple examples: a UK jazz band and a band that does some peppy traditional stuff.

Nikita is a clothing line that takes cues from a few celtic deities. Their take on the Dagda? A snappy skirt with an exposed front zipper. Not sure what about the Dagda inspired this garment—perhaps because it's a mini and he liked his tunics short? Or is it that suggestive front zipper? Hmmm.

"Dagdas" are, according to this site, a kind of new-wave open dance studio where people can, well, dance—pretty much whenever they want, but possibly around furniture? In any case, it's a cool concept in terms of open access. They say it's named after the Dagda because of his fertility associations. We're not sure if that explanation totally meshes the name with the concept, but what do you think?

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