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Dagda - The Leaders of the Pack

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The Leaders of the Pack

The Dagda is the chieftain of the Tuatha De Danann (one of the old school tribes of Ireland). He eats lunch with the other VIP leaders on the front steps of school, where he can watch everything that goes on. He doesn't have as much of a kingly vibe as some of his counterparts, but what he lacks in poise he makes up for with manliness.


Odin is the Norse king-god of the Aesir. Odin, like the Dagda, is a hardcore warrior with a lot of kids. Coincidentally, Odin and the Dagda share a nickname: Odin=All Father, the Dagda=Father of All. Unlike the Dagda, who doesn't really consider himself to be above his peers, Odin's intellectualism gives him a bit of a lofty-professor vibe.

Zeus (Jupiter) 

King of the Greek gods, Zeus is kind of a bro. He has tons of ladies, he is super strong, and he loves being in charge. Those first two things, in particular, he has in common with the Dagda. Oh, and they're also both associated with the sky.


Indra is the king of the Hindu gods. Like the Dagda, he's a great warrior god, and his association with lightning gives him sky-god points, too.

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