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Dagda Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Trying to track down the Dagda? He's usually hanging out with his people, the Tuatha De Danann. If he's not working or fighting, he's might be getting frisky with a lady. You'll recognize him by his short tunic (we're talkin' daisy-dukes-on-a-dude short) or his huge club.

Sex: Male
Age: 30-40ish
Build: Beefcake
Complexion: Fair, ruddy, and probably muddy
Facial Hair: Generally beardy
Scars/marks/tattoos: Nope.
Jewelry and accessories: A magic cauldron, a beautiful harp
Clothing: Tunic (extra short), horsehide boots (w/ fur on outside)
Armor: None.
Type of Weapon: Magic club

Typical Companions

The MorrĂ­gan (on Samhain, in particular)

Known Hangouts

Pits full of porridge
Riverbanks (with sexy ladies)
Glen Edin (the location of one of his houses)

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