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The Great Deluge

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Every disaster movie ever is trying—just trying—to step to the tale of "The Great Deluge." Zeus sends a huge flood to wipe out all of humankind? Only two people manage to survive the gigantic waves in a tiny boat? Yeah, that sounds action packed to us. We imagine it directed by Michael Bay or maybe Ang Lee if you wanted to get a little artsy.

This story is so awesome that some version of it pops up in a bunch of different cultures across the world. Century after century, people have sat on the edge of their seats to hear the tale of how humanity's hopes for existence was pinned on one little boat bobbing amidst mountains of waves. We predict that you'll ooh and ahh over this story just the same as all our ancestors have for thousands and thousands of years.

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The Great Deluge Resources


Seriously, What's with All the Flood Myths?
This article on How Stuff Works gives you a great rundown on a bunch of the theories on why there are so many flood myths out there.

Dude, That's a Lot of Floods
This website does a great job compiling the many, many myths from around the world that have to with floods.


Pretzels, Pasta, and Fruit Loops, Oh My!
This stop motion project made with edibles gives you a super short version of the story.

Kicking It Sumerian Style
This video tells you all about the version of the story that found in The Epic of Gilgamesh.


Noah's Flood
This book goes into detail about on a bunch of scientific theories that try to prove that there really was a Great Deluge way back in the day.

He's Alive! (Well, Kind of)
The main character of Dean Koontz's thrilling Frankenstein series names himself after Deucalion.

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