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The Great Deluge Pyrrha

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Pyrrha is Deucalion's wife, who survives the flood in his amazing floating chest and helps him rekindle all of humanity after the flood is over. By all accounts, she and Deucalion have a great supportive relationship, which helps them survive all the trauma the two face together.

She's also notable for her famous parents. Her mother was Pandora, the first woman ever, who is blamed for releasing all evil into to world by opening a cursed jar. In some ways, Pyrrha can be seen as redeeming her mother's mistake by helping keep humanity going.

Pyrrha's father was Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus the Friendly Titan. Pyrrha's name means fire, which is interesting because bringing fire to humanity is the very thing for which Pyrrha's uncle Prometheus was punished.

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