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Morrígan - The Co-Ed Hockey Team

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The Co-Ed Hockey Team

Hockey is a high-contact sport and even though it's frowned upon, fighting is a big part of the appeal. Some kids join up just to start a fight. These are those kids. The Morrígan is a professional instigator. She'll trip you when no one's looking, kick you when you're down, and laugh and cheer when her teammate punches the opposition's goalie in the face. You might say she's a little sadistic, and she's not the only one.


It is the job of these Norse ladies to "choose" the dead in battle and then deliver them to their afterlife either with Odin or Freyja. Many scholars have mentioned the similarities between the Valkyries and the Morrígan. They are both battlefield spirits and both associated with ravens. Valkyries are generally a little less antagonistic, but there sure are a lot of them. They make up the bulk of the team.

Ares (Mars) 

Ares is the Greek god of offensive war. His love of violence is so great that Spartans would sacrifice puppies to him before wrestling matches. Puppies. The Morrígan probably wouldn't ask for murdered puppies, but she certainly loves the sight of blood.


Kali is the consort of Shiva (one of Hinduism's Trimurti gods). This blue/black babe is goddess of time and destruction. Possibly one of the most terrifying figures you could run into, she has four to ten arms, a lolling tongue, and a necklace of severed heads/skulls around her neck—not to mention that bloody sword she's waving around. She's usually the goalie. Would you try to get a puck past her?


One possible history for this Egyptian goddess involves going crazy with bloodlust and nearly destroying all of humanity. She was only pacified after she was tricked into drinking a river of wine (she thought it was blood). Sekhmet and the Morrígan both love them some bloodshed, but while the Morrígan likes to taunt the opposition, Sekhmet is their team defense's secret weapon.

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