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The Trojan Horse The Trojan Horse

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The Trojan Horse

It's kind of hard to miss the major symbol in this story. One: its name is in the title. Two: it's a giant wooden horse, which is also screaming out for attention. But what, oh what, does it mean? Well, these days any stratagem that tricks an enemy into inviting their foe into a previously secure location can be called a "Trojan Horse."

The name is also used for the most hated thing on Earth. "Roaches?" you guess. "Close," we answer. In fact, "Trojans," as they're called, is another name for malware, those awful programs that sneak onto your computer by pretending to be something else and totally mess every thing up. So, there you go. To this day, the Trojan Horse is synonymous with destruction caused by deception.

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