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Theseus: Later Adventures and Death

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Superheroes are where it's at these days, right? It seems like every week there's some new super powered hero filling up the seats of America's movie theaters. If it's not the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America, it's Harry Potter, or some action star blowing up the bad guys for the enjoyment of us all. There's no getting around it: we love our heroes.

All of this hero-worship is proof positive that we really aren't so different from the ancient Greeks. For real, all you have to do is take a glance at the stories of heroes like Theseus to see that the Greeks got just as excited as we do about stories of super-powered heroes kicking a lot of bad guy booty. Heck, Theseus is even the star of his own 2011 film spectacular, Immortals. Check out the trailer here.

In this entry, we take a stroll through Theseus's later adventures, in which the hero spends most of his time getting into trouble over women. All these shenanigans eventually lead to his downfall. If there's one thing the Greeks liked more than telling stories about a hero's rise to fame and glory, it was telling stories about the bad decisions that bring them down. So, come one come all, and witness the demise of one of the greatest heroes of all time.

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