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Theseus: Later Adventures and Death Amazons = Girl Power

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Amazons = Girl Power

Throughout the centuries, the Amazons were the poster girls for girl power. In a time where men dominated the Earth, these warrior women lived without male authority. They pretty much only associated with men when they wanted to have babies, and when those babies were boys, they killed them. This probably seems extreme, but it becomes more understandable when you think about the complete and total powerlessness of women in ancient Greece and like every other society.

When Theseus comes along a kidnaps Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, it seems pretty symbolic of how much power men had over women back in the day. Even though the Amazons launch a full-scale assault on Athens, they are unable to rescue their Queen. It says a lot that even the toughest ladies to ever to walk the face of the earth are still powerless against King Theseus. Despite legends of their defeat at the hands of male warriors, some modern feminists have embraced the legendary warrior women as a symbol of the power of females. Amazonian Feminism is a movement that celebrates the physical power of women.

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