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Thoth - Bird Boys

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Bird Boys

These guys are always associated with birds—sometimes they even are birds. Ever wish you could fly? Maybe they'll take you for a ride. Thoth likes to hang out with his feathered friends whenever he has the chance.


He was born out of a fiery egg, and lets the great god Vishnu ride on his back. Garuda is a Hindu deity with a golden body and an eagle's head. And Garuda's hatred of all evil snakes reminds Thoth of his best friend, Ra.

Zeus (Jupiter)

The Father of Olympus uses an eagle as one of his main symbols, but sometimes he tries out other bird forms. Just don't ask him about that time he became a swan for a date with Leda. He doesn't want to talk about it.


Now here's a shiny bird for you. Egypt's king of the gods is a falcon, or a man with a falcon's head. Like the falcon, he soars high in the sky as the sun.

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