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In New Orleans, Thoth knows how to party! The Krewe of Thoth is a Mardi Gras parade crew and gives out tons of beads and candy to parade viewers. Like the god of wisdom whose name they use, the Krewe of Thoth chooses a smart route that lets people who can't usually go to the regular Mardi Gras parades—like the elderly or the disabled—have a chance to celebrate.

Thoth in the digital age is an app. Specifically, a Mac OSX app you use to read the news. Makes sense to us.

This "prayformance" artist hangs out in New York City and calls himself Thoth. He plays the violin and sings in a language he invented himself. Go to Central Park and you can see him yourself, if he hasn't gotten arrested for being too loud again, like he did in 2009. In 2010, he tried out for America's Got Talent…but he didn't do very well.

If you speak or write well, you can impress Thoth. And if you can do these things very well, you can win the Thoth Award from the Public Relations Society of America.

Before Windows, there was Thoth. This early computer operating system was named for the god of wisdom and helped teach programmers how to make the ones we use today. Does it seem weird that Thoth would be involved with computers, since ancient Egyptians never had them? It shouldn't. Even computer programming is a form of language!

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