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Thoth - Student Council

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Student Council

These are the kids who get asked for advice or serve as the eyes and ears of the other gods and goddesses at school—or maybe even the teachers. They're smart and very observant. Thoth is the student council secretary and keeps all the meeting minutes.


The Sumerian Lord of the Earth is a pretty serious god, and a lot of gods are afraid of him. But he likes people and helps them out when they have problems.


Odin knows Mimir well; he gave an eye to learn the wisdom that Mimir kept in a sacred well at the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. This smart and savvy Norse god lost his head, though. No, really—Odin keeps Mimir's head in a bag and takes it out when he needs advice.


One of Thoth's closest friends, and often mistaken for him in Rome, Hermes is the Student Council's errand runner. Which is great, because he's really fast.

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