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Thrym - Football Team

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Football Team

The most important thing to remember about the members of this clique is that they're big—giants, in fact. And they put their colossal size to use by body checking their opponents on a regular basis. You'd be wise to avoid picking a fight, because you'll never beat them in hand to hand combat. Take Thrym, for instance: even Thor, the most ripped of the Norse gods, has to rely on disguise and sneak attacks to get the upper hand in a fight with him.


The Greek war hero Ajax is so big that it took seven cow hides just to cover his shield. (Take a second to imagine that.) At one point during the Trojan war, he manages to singlehandedly protect the entire Greek navy by leaping from ship to ship. Ajax has some emotional troubles, though. When the Greeks decide to award Achilles's magical armor to Odysseus instead of him, he takes his own life.


When the Philistines challenge the Hebrews to fight their champion Goliath, the Hebrews cower in their boots. The dude is nine feet tall! But a teenage shepherd named David figures he can take him, because he has his God on his side. He wisely decides against hand-to-hand combat. Instead, he takes Goliath out with one well-aimed rock from a sling shot.


This Iroquois giant lives in the forests of the American northeast. He's half black and half red. That explains his name, which means "Split-Faced Being." Wearing a bear pelt, a hickory bark belt, and carrying a rattle so everyone can hear him, he comes out at night to protect humans. Good thing he's friendly! We wouldn't want to go up against his weapon of choice—a club made from the entire trunk of a hickory tree.

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