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Uranus (Ouranos, Caelus) - Sky Club

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Sky Club

The gods in this clique always have their heads in the clouds. Instead of paying attention in class, their heads are in the upper atmosphere. Literally. Their teachers can't be mad at them, though. After all, when you're the sky itself, like Uranus and his buddies, it's kind of tough for your head to be anywhere else.


Whenever Uranus and Anu meet up at the Sky Gods Convention, they have a ton to talk about. Anu may have been the sky god of ancient Mesopotamia, but he still has a lot in common with his younger Greek counterpart. For one, they are both primordial gods, meaning that they were around at the beginning and helped bring everything into existence. They were also both once married to the Earth herself and were the first rulers of the cosmos. Just as Uranus was replaced as ruler by Kronos, Anu was replaced by his son, Enlil. Enlil took a pick and severed his father and his mother from each other. This reminds us very much of a certain "severing" that Uranus had to go through.


No, not like a peanut. Nut is the primordial Egyptian goddess of the sky and was around at the beginning of everything. She's the mother to tons of famous Egyptian godlings like Isis and Osiris. Just like a bunch of other sky deities, Nut was married to the earth. In Egyptian myths, though, the genders of the sky and earth are flipped. Nut is goddess, and her hubby Geb, the earth, is 100% god.


This dude is an Egyptian sky god who came after Nut. He was the son of Isis and Osiris and fought a big battle with Set after he chopped up Osiris. Horus's eyes were the sun and the moon. It's said that the moon is dimmer than the sun because Horus gave one eye to his father Osisris after Osiris was put back together again.


This sky goddess from Fiji thought it was fun to come down to Earth in the form of a hag with a yard-long tongue, or as a beautiful maiden. Sometimes she decided to visit mortal men in her maiden form. This may have seemed cool for the night, but any man she spent the evening with was doomed to die. Adi-Mailagu also liked to come down to Earth in the form of a grey rat. That is until somebody cut down the tree she liked to chill in. After that, she was never seen again.

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