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Wepwawet - Doggone Gods

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Doggone Gods

Watch out: Wepwawet takes the form of a wolf or jackal. But he's not the only god to be a dog or bring a dog to school. Most often, Wepwawet can be seen hanging out with other Egyptian canine gods, like Anubis or Seth, but there are some non-Egyptian bowsers in the schoolyard, too.

Zeus (Jupiter) 

You might not think of Zeus as particularly dog friendly, but the king of Olympus was sometimes Zeus Lykaios, "Zeus the Wolf." He also turned the king of Arcadia into a wolf after he dared to sacrifice a living boy on Zeus' altar. Every May, boys in Arcadia were invited to a secret ritual on Wolf Mountain. If they were unlucky, Zeus turned them into werewolves for nine years.


The granddaddy of all junkyard dogs is Cerberus, a pet of the Greek god Hades who guards the ways into (and out of) the land of the dead. He's got three heads to slobber all over you with, and if you're lucky, maybe your parents won't ask you to brush out his snake-mane. (If they do… bring an antidote.)


While we're on the subject of hellhounds, who can forget the Big Bad Howl who will be responsible for the end of the world? The giant Norse wolf of the apocalypse doesn't get to run around, but as it turns out, that's a good thing… for all of creation. Odin better keep Fenrir inside.

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