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Wepwawet - Scout Troop

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Scout Troop

This clique is brimming with gods who know everybody's secrets. They're major observers, so they don't miss a beat. Bottom line: be careful what you say or do when Wepwawet and his buddies are around.

Horus the Elder 

This guy sees everything. We're not kidding. With the sun for one eye and the moon for the other, nothing at all gets past his vision, no matter what time of day it is. And he hates evil.

Artemis (Diana) 

She's got mad hunting skills, and vision is at the top of the list. Artemis puts the Army Special Forces to shame. Best to keep the Greeks' eternal virgin huntress on your good side, and assume she's already seen everything you've done. In your entire life.


One time, this Norse god challenged Wepwawet to a contest. Wepwawet could run faster, but Heimdall could see past the finish line — before he even started running. Despite the fact that Heimdall normally only uses his scouting skills against large, noisy giants, he's surprisingly observant.

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