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Wepwawet Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

If you're looking for Wepwawet, you might want to check out the local military re-enactment scene; he's really into those. If you get in the right vicinity, it's hard to miss him, since he has the head of a jackal or a wolf. Sometimes he's actually completely in jackal or wolf form. Bet you're not used to that.

Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Build: Well-built male with a canine head (jackal or wolf)
Complexion: Reddish-brown (like all ancient Egyptian paintings of men)
Hair Color: A black wig
Facial Hair: Black, brown, or (rarely) grey fur
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: A gold collar and bracelets. Sometimes he carries a was scepter (a staff with Seth's head on top, the hieroglyph for "strength"). In full jackal or wolf form, he sometimes carries a battle standard or a flywhisk flail.
Clothing: A white linen or brown leather kilt
Armor: Sometimes, a shirt made of golden scale mail
Type of Weapon: Spears, a curved sword called a khopesh, or maces, if he carries any weapons at all. Sometimes he also carries a long shield.

Typical Companions

Other jackal spirits
The dead

Known Hangouts

Military re-enactments

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