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Wepwawet - The Travelers

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The Travelers

You might see these gods on a road trip, hitchhiking their way across the land. Or you might see them on a train, in a plane, or waiting in line for the next ride at Disneyland. Basically, they're always on the go. And Wepwawet's been wandering longer than almost anyone in this group.


This Norse god is the original traveling show. Njord's always on a boat or in a chariot or hanging out in your hall drinking and giving bling to your friends. Like the sea he rules, he's constantly in motion.

Hecate (Trivia) 

She's got three heads, creepy pets, and goes wandering only at night. Be careful that you don't run into Hecate at a crossroads—this Greek witch might just keep you for some spell she's brewing.


Wepwawet's fellow Egyptian deity goes on walkabouts so often, they actually called her the Wandering Goddess. Twice a year, she stalks off from wherever she is and heads in the opposite direction. Much later, scientists figured out that Hathor's myth was the ancients' way to explain how the sun appears to move across the sky between summer and winter.

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