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A Late Aubade Stanza 7

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Stanza 7

Lines 24-25

Wait for a while, then slip downstairs

  • If she finally, absolutely has to get up, he says, then wait for a while. Very sweet! It's as if he's saying, If you have to go… wait. Don't actually go! 
  • And if she's going to go, don't go far. The speaker wants her to hang out a bit longer, then when she finally has to get up, to just go… downstairs. 
  • Based on what we're reading, it seems as if the speaker is very much in love with this woman, and has been enjoying their lazy morning together in a serious way.

Lines 26-28

And bring us up some chilled white wine,
And some blue cheese, and crackers, and some fine
Ruddy-skinned pears.

  • The speaker thinks, if she has to go, just grab them some snacks and come right back! Why put an end to such a perfect day together? 
  • The picnic the speaker thinks up is pretty romantic too. Wine and cheese sounds like the beginning of an entirely new date: round 2, coming up. 
  • Ending on the image of the ruddy-skinned pears might bring to mind the likeness of a naked woman. Wilbur ends this sexy poem on a sexy note.

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