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A Late Aubade Love

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Love is in the air! The speaker is super-stoked that, even though his girl could be doing a whole bunch of different activities, she's decided to spend a romantic morning with her bf instead. Not only is he happy to have her there, he feels lucky too. We all live busy lives, and it's not every day that you get to blow off all of your responsibilities to the world in order to spend a morning cuddling with your sweetheart. This poem celebrates the rare moments of romantic bliss in life when you shut the entire world out, and you feel like the only two people on earth. We can practically see the trail of rose petals scattered around the bed.

Questions About Love

  1. When do you discover that there's a romance between the speaker and the "you" in the poem? 
  2. What does the list of "coulds" have to do with love?
  3. Does the title hint at love at all? If so, how? 
  4. Based on the information in the poem, do you think this is a long-standing romance, or something new? Why?

Chew on This

There is no woman in this poem. The "you" is completely made-up by our speaker. It's a nice thought, but he's just fantasizing.

Wilbur uses the second person (the "you" point of view) to enhance the intimacy and make the readers think of romance before they even find out about it. Real sneaky, Richard.

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