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Barbie Doll Calling Card

By Marge Piercy

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Calling Card

Feminist Extraordinaire

Piercy really does it all: poetry, fiction, cyber-punk, you name it. But one thing is consistent throughout her work—a feminist angle that explores the problems of being a woman, artist, and person in contemporary American culture. Though she may go about this angle in dramatically different ways, we definitely sense her interest in womanhood whether in present, past, or future circumstances.

She's also rather cool about it all, no matter how dark or painful her words may sound. Piercy isn't the type to fly off the handle or present her ideas in an unbalanced way. After all, feminism is about empowering women, not emasculating men, so she often has a dark sense of humor that puts it all in perspective. So we often leave her work feeling as if we've had a well-balanced meal that's seasoned with an emphasis on feminism and personhood. For a better idea, you can check out a couple of her other gems here and here.

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