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Famous Speaker

By Naomi Shihab Nye

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Our speaker is a deep thinker—an observer of the world. She says things like "The loud voice is famous to silence" (2), and that seems pretty deep to us. No matter what she says, she blows our minds, every time.

She is somebody who is interested in nature: she talks about rivers being famous to fish, and sleeping cats being famous to birds. We like to imagine her going on an awful lot of hikes. In fact, we kind of want to join.

We also think that she probably notices things that others may overlook. Why do we think that? One word: buttonhole.

Plus, she understands the importance of choosing the proper shoe for the occasion (remember all that talk about boots being famous to the earth and dress shoes being important to floors?). She's got great style, and isn't afraid to get down and dirty in some work boots.

Honestly, our speaker sounds awesome. And to top it all off, she seems nice. While everyone else in the grocery line is complaining about the extreme-couponer holding up traffic, or engrossed in entertainment magazines reporting on the Kardashians, our speaker is smiling at the cute, sticky-faced kid in the cart in front of her (17).

She isn't caught up in all the surrounding madness. That makes us think that she probably is a woman with her priorities in order. And that makes us think that we probably could learn a thing or two from her. So we should probably read pretty closely.

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