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Goblin Market Stanza 12

By Christina Rossetti

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Stanza 12

Lines 242-252

Till Lizzie urged, "O Laura, come;
I hear the fruit-call but I dare not look:
You should not loiter longer at this brook:
Come with me home.
The stars rise, the moon bends her arc,
Each glowworm winks her spark,
Let us get home before the night grows dark
For clouds may gather
Though this is summer weather,
Put out the lights and drench us through;
Then if we lost our way what should we do?"

  • Lizzie tries to coax Laura to come back to the house, because she can hear the goblins coming.
  • She doesn't want to look, though.
  • Lizzie begs Laura to come home – the stars are out, and it's getting really dark. Besides, what if it starts raining? They'd get totally soaked. And then what if they got lost in the dark? Better to go home now, right?

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