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Goblin Market Stanza 5

By Christina Rossetti

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Stanza 5

Lines 105-106

Laura stared but did not stir,
Long'd but had no money:

  • Laura would love to reach for the fruit, but she doesn't "stir" from where she is because she's strapped for cash.
  • The repeated "buts" in these two lines help to emphasize the contrast between what Laura desires, and what she can actually have.

Lines 107-114

The whisk-tail'd merchant bade her taste
In tones as smooth as honey,
The cat-faced purr'd,
The rat-faced spoke a word
Of welcome, and the snail-paced even was heard;
One parrot-voiced and jolly
Cried "Pretty Goblin" still for "Pretty Polly;" –
One whistled like a bird

  • A couple of the goblins that were described before, in lines 71-76, step up and invite Laura to "taste" their fruits, at the very least.
  • The one with a "tail" has a voice that sounds as sweet as the fruits look. We're starting to wonder what kind of a "tail" it is – forked, perhaps, like a demon's?
  • The goblins all sound like the animals they resemble.
  • There's even one that sounds like a parrot, but he says "Pretty Goblin!" instead of "Pretty Polly," or, as we usually say, "Polly wanna cracker!"

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