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good times Calling Card

By Lucille Clifton

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Calling Card

Strength and Family

Strength and family is all you really need when it comes to Lucille Clifton's work. She's all about the importance of sticking together and making the most of what we have. No matter if we have good times or bad times, Clifton reminds us that endurance and togetherness are key. What better way to endure those tougher times than with family?

Though most of Clifton's poems focus on the African American experience, she still has a way of getting at a deeper kind of humanity that's not just about race and ethnicity. It's more about being human and grappling with the stuff we all confront in one context or another, usually with only a few key words like "good times." So Clifton keeps things simple and easy for anyone to identify with no matter where they come from.

Check out some of these Clifton gems for a better idea:

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