Study Guide

Ode to My Socks Happiness

By Pablo Neruda


I slipped
my feet into them
as if
jewel cases (8-12)

Bust out your toe rings! The socks in these lines give not only the speaker's feet, but the very speaker a new status. If the socks are jewel cases, then the speaker's feet are jewels. This image is about how the socks make the speaker feel, which is, in short, happy.

thus honored
my feet
socks. (27-33)

As in the previous quote, these socks are really making the speaker do the happy dance. The feet here are "honored," which shoes how the simple article of clothing really affects the speaker's state of mind.

twice beautiful
is beauty
and what is good doubly
when it is a case of two
woolen socks
in wintertime. (81-88)

It's hard to think of a better description of happiness than the thought of nice warm feet, heated up by the gift of homemade socks, on a cold day. Unless you could add a cup of cocoa to this mix. With whipped cream. And marshmallows. Mm, marshmallows…

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