Study Guide

The Last Words of My English Grandmother Stanza 7

By William Carlos Williams

Stanza 7

Lines 27-28

making me comfortable?
By now her mind was clear—
Oh you think you're smart
you young people,

  • The first line of the poem isolates "making me comfortable?" This totally reminds us of the ominous way "and after you are well" was isolated earlier in line 16.
  • It's like the poem is playing with the sort of clichéd things that people tend to say around someone who's dying. Everybody knows that when talk of "making someone comfortable" happens, it means that there's no real hope of the patient getting better. 
  • This grandmother isn't going out without a little sass, though. Her mind clears long enough to let all these young people around her know that they're not as smart as they think they are. 
  • The mention of her mind clearing lets us know for sure that she's got some form of dementia.

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