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Our members say...

The Teaching Guides include all the areas that I needed to implement, assess, and reflect upon in order to determine the level of understanding for each student. Now being a teacher of students in a special education program … Shmoop Teaching Guides also gave a multitude of activities so there was always a variety of skills taught and assessed.

Terry Kendall-Johnson

Special Education Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools

I love the AP test prep! This is a great tool to use in classrooms, especially during time when students need extra time to catch up on assignments. The AP tests allow students to pace themselves, reflect on learning, and compete with one another. It also provides me with immediate data on each student to help guide my curriculum pacing as well as content review/reteaching.

Rosanna McCormick

Teacher, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Allowing students to work through content at their own pace, Shmoop will allow me to create a blended classroom, one that brings us together to discuss common topics or for me to present new material.

Elisabeth Hardy

Teacher, Aiken County

The Shmoop SAT prep is outstanding and a great resource for my students. I've also used many of the Shmoop videos to start or supplement units of instruction. My students love the quirkiness.

Danielle Kulawiak

Teacher, Mt. Olive High School