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Online ACT® Test Prep

Our ACT experts have spent the past decade diving deep into the ACT exam. Why? Because we know the stakes of college admissions have never been higher, and we're here to bring some fairness to the playing field.

  • Seven full-length practice exams
  • Over 1,000 practice questions
  • 200 ACT-specific math problem sets
Not to toot our own horn, but...

Our ACT® Test Prep is at the top of its game

Everyone, from our engineers to our test prep experts, knows that the ACT is the most popular college admissions test in America. We have worked tirelessly to make it the best experience possible and we have awards to prove it (not to brag or anything).

Our test prep makes everyone’s life easier

Students can get ahead, teachers can fill any gaps in curricula by incorporating subject-specific ACT prep, and school districts can see their scores skyrocket. What can we say? We think we’re the best.

Be proud of your score

More frequently, states are administering the ACT to all students. Make your numbers shine with test prep built for each and every student, not just the upper 0.05%.

Curious what Shmoop ACT Test Prep is all about?

We may have a quirky sense of humor, but we know the ACT well. Really well. (Some of us even have dreams about it, no joke.)

Tools For teachers

With dashboards to show what specific skills your students need to review, don't just throw a booklet at them and hope for the best--Use SCIENCE (oooh) and TECHNOLOGY (ahhhh).

Supplementary resources

The ACT does cover material students learn in high school classes, believe it or not. Supplement learning with Shmoop’s Math Shack, Essay Lab, and grammar reviews.

ACT study plans

Quiz. Drills. Practice Exams. Pop culture. We're plugged into the latest research about how students ACTUALLY learn. Get straight to practicing!

Outcomes-focused prep

All of our content is created to assist students in achieving dreamy results. You will get out of Shmoop what you put into Shmoop.

Perfect Practice makes perfect:

The first one’s on us

We have more full-length practice tests than we think you'll get to before test day. We double-dog dare you to get through them all. Here’s a freebie to get you started.

Help us, help you

ACT: Friend, not foe

We know that full-on breakdowns happen with this test. Our prep is made to alleviate meltdowns. If you prepare in the most test-like conditions ahead of time, you'll know you gave it your all—and be able to show your dream college that you aren't just a number (or, if you are… a good number!).

What do you have to lose?

Is the ACT everything? No. Did it help some of us Shmoopers avoid crippling college debt? You bet! And really, what's better than getting cold hard cash from one test? Join us... and game the system, legally.