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We're not in a John Hughes movie anymore—jocks can love science, and the poetry slam kids can run for class president. Break out of dated stereotypes, sign up for an AP course or three, and start preparing for May.

  • Sample presentations (with Powerpoints!)
  • Top secret skills and strategies
  • Full-length, end-of-course practice exams

Do not go gently into that AP night

We're not here to replace the AP Bio teacher—keep on keepin' on with your birding expeditions and frog dissections, if that's how you roll. Supplement classroom learning with Shmoop - and prepare for that fated exam day.

Focus only on what you need

We've broken the test into dozens of pieces. Once you take our diagnostic, you'll know which pieces you need to focus on, and not waste your time on reviewing what you already understand. Soon enough your pieces will add up to one whole subject matter expert! 

More online courses = More overachieving

Access a plethora of different subjects to test your AP chops and prepare you for, well, the REAL test. Gain access to a smorgasbord of courses, which include tons of videos, review, and practice exams. We’re waiting, what’s stopping you?

We’ve got your test prep features.

We love our learners; visual, spatial, kinesthetic, and otherwise. Here's a video for you visual peeps.

STEM is in.

AP Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, High School Sweethearts... we have tons of courses to put your college counselor at ease that you'll be hired by Big Tech.

Language nerds, unite!

You should see our in-house debates about who's a modernist and who's a postmodernist. Curious? Well you should definitely check out AP English Literature!

History? Herstory? Ourstory!

Learn everything ... about everywhere. We love us some AP World, U.S., and Euro—and think that examining the world around you critically has never been more important.

And Many, Many More

Did you even know we offer test prep for AP Latin? Macroeconomics? Music Theory? So hipster of us. We were taking unique APs before it was cool.

Shmoop: a verb AND an adjective

What makes Shmoop AP test prep so, well, shmoopy?

Sure, we have mad pop culture references, and you might have stumbled on us when you forgot the name of the dude in Catcher in the Rye. But what makes Shmoop AP test prep different is how much material we have—we only hire writers who know and love these tests.

We may seem silly. Our AP Prep is rigorous. 

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