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  • Five full-length practice tests
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  • 1,000+ practice problems
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Some students try to get into college by photoshopping themselves onto the water polo team. Our personalized test prep is the better, more honest approach to getting into school (and no one will face jail time either).

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Reduce anxiety and feel prepared with our cutting edge SAT curricula. Start with a diagnostic, and focus only on the subjects you need to work on most; or, practice for the big day with our multitude of full-length practice tests!

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Improve test scores today while maintaining the personalized approach your students need! Competitive AND Compassionate? Other districts are jumping on board, don't get left in the dust.(We'll be back here sweeping.)

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The test prep you need

The SAT is no longer about obscure vocab words—it's now actually about college preparedness. Stop with the analogies and start working on real test questions and drills.

Our drills won’t harm the planet.

Drill, baby, drill—our practice problems won't exacerbate global climate change. (Phew!) Go ahead, binge on all of our full-length practice exams and 1000s of practice questions (No need to feel guilty)!

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The SAT can seem dull. Shmoop never is. We're bringing the relatable tone and content knowledge expected of a top college admissions advisor, for a fraction of the price. Stay engaged as you study.

Excitement and intrigue without the mystery!

It’s okay, you can prep at the edge of your seat. At the end of each section, you’ll get a detailed explanation of your performance. It’s like we’re in the room with you (not in a creepy way)!

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The first one’s free

We know that you want to get used to the shmoopified way of preparing for the SAT—especially if you are unfamiliar with the exam. Try us out before you commit; no prying questions asked. (But where did you get those shoes? They look great!)

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SAT: Kick those bad scores to the curb

A lot of test prep companies make outlandish claims—we're not going to send our experts to take the test for you and we can’t guarantee a perfect score.  But, you’d be surprised how much the SAT is a test you can prepare for—and Shmoop will help you do just that.

Start some triangle math

And reading passages. And grammar. You know the drill.