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The Help

The Help


by Kathryn Stockett

The Help Questions

  1. What would a section narrated from Hilly's point of view look like?
  2. Which character – aside from Skeeter, Aibileen, or Minny – would you most like to narrate a chapter?
  3. In Chapter 1, Aibileen reveals that after Treelore's death, she became bitter about the work she does for white families. Why?
  4. Will The Help move from bestsellerdom to classic lit? Do you think it will eventually be as famous as To Kill a Mockingbird, to which it's often compared?
  5. Who is your favorite character? Do you recognize any of the characters in yourself or in people you know?
  6. Kathryn Stockett has been criticized for the voices of Aibileen and Minny. What do you think of their voices? Are they authentic and believable, or does Stockett fall short in her attempt?
  7. Is it appropriate, or more importantly, right for Aibileen to tell Mae Mobley civil rights stories, even though this is the last thing her parents want?
  8. What role does Aibileen and Minny's church play in their community?
  9. Hilly is only in her early twenties. Is it possible she'll change her mind about black people? What could make her change?
  10. After Elizabeth Leefolt learns that a chapter of Help is about her, do you think this causes her to self-examine? Might she view it as lies and fiction made up by Aibileen? Will she want to explain her side?

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