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The King's Stilts

The King's Stilts


by Dr. Seuss

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Take a Trip to Seussville

There's no place like Seussville when it comes to learning more about Seuss's books and his background. Plus there are fun activities for those of you who are puttering about online with nothing to do.

Color Me Seuss

If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Seuss's drawings and cartoons, check out this site, focused on his art.

All Work and No Play

Too much work and not enough balance? Here are some tips for reducing stress in your everyday life.

The Unseen Text

If you've been hunting for The King's Stilts in Braille, hunt no further.

Historical Documents

The King's (Rather Pricey) Stilts

Did you know that a first edition copy of The King's Stilts could cost you up to $9000? Hey, we could all go in on one together…

An Interesting Comparison

A 1989 New York Times article on the New York Department of Parks and Recreation's Dawn Patrol likened the members to King Birtram's Cat Patrol. We suppose that finding dead whales and medical waste is a little bit like protecting an imaginary kingdom from Nizzards (we guess).


The King's Stilts

It's a bit of a fairytale, so of course it helps to hear it aloud.

Rhymes and Reason

For more on the man behind the magic, check out Rhymes and Reason, the documentary about Seuss's life and works.


How Seuss Started

Here's a story about the oddly nautical birth of a literary giant.


Spell in Seussian

Even though King Birtram and his stilts aren't included, this Dr. Seuss-inspired alphabet is a whole lot of fun to look at!

Cold Off the Presses

The first edition of The King's Stilts is pricey, but lovely.

Slap a Stamp on It

We wish they still had these 2004 stamps around. They're much more fun than the Forever Stamps we've got these days. No offense, Liberty Bell.

The Good Doctor

The man himself. He almost looks like one of his characters, doesn't he?

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