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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Resources


Scott Westerfeld's Website

Westerfeld blogs about things (which would be a terrible name for a book, but makes a pretty interesting website). Most interesting current news: the character Shay has her own graphic novel now.

Breaking Down the System

Scott Westerfeld discusses why apocalyptic scenarios make for good books for teenagers, both in the New York Times and on a science fiction blog.

Two Questions for Scott Westerfeld

This Simon & Schuster website looks like it's about to fall down, but in it, Westerfeld answers two interesting questions: what has inspired him; and what does he think teens today have to deal with.

Movie or TV Productions

Possible Uglies movie

There's been talk of an Uglies movie, but it's not yet definite. Which means that there's plenty of "who should play this character?" talk going on.

Articles and Interviews

Scott Westerfeld on Uglies

Westerfeld gives a very focused interview on his website about the Uglies book and series, which includes the advice to only get minor piercings when you're young. (Maybe just stick with your ears.)

Scott Westerfeld on All His Works

This interview covers a lot of area, but Westerfeld still gets in a few good notes on Uglies and writing for teens more generally. (Like, he pays attention to the language in his younger books since he thinks teens are more attentive to language and slang. Take that, adults who always complain about teenage mumbling.)

Scott Westerfeld on Uglies: Shay's Story

Westerfeld's most recent work is a version of the Uglies series from Shay's POV and in graphic novel form. Amazingly, there are practically no spoilers here for later books in the series, so read to see what Westerfeld thinks about Shay vs. Tally.


Interview with Scott Westerfeld

Westerfeld answers a range of fan-offered questions. Check it out to find out Westerfeld's feelings on blogging, Tweeting, and writing books from different POVs.

Westerfeld on His Steampunk Books

Wait, what's steampunk? Westerfeld explains all about steampunk and books with illustrations when he talks about his newer Leviathan book series.

Book Trailer for Uglies: Shay's Story

Uglies didn't get a book trailer when it came out, but at least Westerfeld's new Uglies: Shay's Story does.

"Number 12 Looks Just Like You"

A classic 1964 episode of Twilight Zone, where people get surgery to look like one of several approved models. Here's a video of the main surgeon trying to convince a young girl to get the surgery. It's all about inequality and injustice, which sounds awfully familiar.


Westerfeld and the Apocalypse

Westerfeld comes on toward the end of this radio show, though the other authors have interesting things to say about apocalyptic fiction. Westerfeld talks about the inspiration for this work (plastic surgery) and the reaction to this book (people writing letters to him saying that they're skipping plastic surgery). (You can hear just Westerfeld here.)

Scott Westerfeld Speaks

This interview talks a lot about Westerfeld's recent steampunk books, but he also gets in some nice comments on writing in general.


Scott Westerfeld

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Uglies Cover

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Uglies Cover

We're fans of this creepy UK cover.

Uglies Cover

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Uglies Cover

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