SAT Reading Drill 1.5 Interpreting words and phrases in context

Thoreau uses "front" to mean "face". He wants to face The Facts of Life without shying away from our natural tendencies, roots, and the simply way nature, in his opinion, wants us to live.

Information and IdeasInterpreting words and phrases in context
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Reading closelyInterpreting words and phrases in context
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correct answer here is a face why well the first tip in the Shmoop guide to [woman's face]


making one's life easier is to try substituting the answer choices in place


for the word front face is the word that makes the most sense in this context in


his old tiny way Thoreau is saying that he wants to face the facts of life [Thoreau gets knocked out in the woods]


head-on Thoreau wants genuine experiences in his life so he certainly [girl walking]


does not want to pretend be in any fashion he might want to lead other


people to the essential facts of life but in the context of this sentence well


we'd have to be assuming he'd like to lead the facts


whatever that means besides facts like cats well facts can't be led either the [cat]


facts of life don't need thorough support D and there's nothing in this


passage to indicate that's his intention in fact this passage is mostly about [man holding up a 'facts' sign]


what the facts of life are not