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Word Problems Terms

Get down with the lingo

Additive Inverse

The number that when added to the given number results in the additive identity 0. The additive inverse of x is -x, as x + (-x) = 0.

Algebraic Expressions

An expression that contains one or more terms and operations to combine them. Each term contains variable(s), constant(s), or a product of variables and constants.


A number or a constant multiplied by a term in an algebraic expression. Coefficients always go first. Or is that "ladies"…?


A value that does not change. Stay gold, Ponyconstant!

Dependent Variables

A variable in a function that changes due to the independent variable.

Distributive Property

The rule where multiplication of numbers distributes over addition and subtraction: a(b ± c) = ab ± ac. Start distributin' the news.

Equivalent Equations

Two different pairs of equations that have the same solution(s).


Breaking up an algebraic expression into two or more expressions that can be multiplied together to get the original expression.

Independent Variables

Variables in a function that assume values freely or independently.


A relation between two unequal algebraic expressions using the symbols <, >, ≤, and ≥.

Like Terms

Two terms that have the same variables raised to the same exponent. Like terms may have different coefficients.


Four times a number.


The value(s) of variable(s) that satisfy an equation or inequality.


A value that changes. Variables are commonly represented by the letters x, y, or z.

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