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Zeus (Jupiter)

Zeus (Jupiter)

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Zeus (Jupiter)'s Police Reports

The War of the Titans

Defendant (Zeus) and his brothers accused of conspiracy for plotting and overthrowing the Titan rule. Case Status: Police declined to prosecute because no one liked the Titans anyway. Plus the accu...

Prometheus and Pandora

Complainant (Zeus) participated in bringing charges of grand theft against the Titan Prometheus for stealing fire. Case Status: Defendant (Prometheus) found guilty and sentenced to eternal torture...

The Seduction of Io

Defendant (Zeus) accused of a) adultery with Io; b) fraud for disguising himself as a cloud while seducing Io; c) perjury for lying about his relationship with Io and changing her into a cow to hid...

The Seduction and Abduction of Europa

Defendant (Zeus) accused of a) fraud for disguising himself as a bull; b) kidnapping Europa and taking her to Crete; and c) adultery with Europa. Case Status: Pending. But, again, Zeus is the law....

The Seduction of Leda

Defendant (Zeus) accused of a) fraud for disguising himself as a swan; and b) adultery with Leda. Case Status: Pending. Awaiting paternity tests on Leda's children Helen of Troy and Polydeuces.

The Seduction of Alcmene

Defendant (Zeus) accused of a) identity theft for disguising himself as the mortal Alcmene's husband; and b) adultery with Alcmene. Case Status: Though paternity tests have proven that Alcmene's so...

Police Commendations

For permitting the marriage of Cupid and Psyche, and for turning Psyche into a goddess in the case of Cupid and Psyche. For negotiating the release of Persephone from the underworld for half of the...

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