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Zeus (Jupiter)'s Wall


Hey ladies, guess who’s coming down to earth tonight?

No, you're not.

What are you going to do about it?

Do you really want to find out?

Who's the king here?

The more pertinent question: who is the queen?

 Hey ladies, I won't make it down to earth tonight, but I'm sending my friend the golden orangutan in my place. Please, treat him just like you would me.

How stupid do you think I am?

Gotta quit with the wall posts.


Hey Dad!

Son, how are you? Kicking butt and taking names like your old man?


You know it.


Zeus, I really want to talk to you about Persephone. I don't see why our daughter has to live six months of the year in that dungeon of an underworld.

I told you, I've done all I can do to convince Hades to free her. If you ask me, the fact that I was able to convince him to release her for six whole months of the year was a BIG deal.


Uncle Z, thanks so much for helping me and Psyche get married. My mom was being a bit psycho.


My pleasure, Cupid. Psyche's a looker. I always try to keep Olympus stocked with beautiful women. Aphrodite, your beauty is unmatchable. There's really no reason for you to get your feathers ruffled.


I'm writing from Tartarus. Our Internet connection is VERY weak. Just know that you will soon pay for what you've done to me, your very own father. I am going to destroy you.

Hahahaha! Oh, Dad. Get over yourself.

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