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The best of test prep

Standardized tests are a blood sport. Prepare for game day with our award-winning SAT, ACT, and AP Exam prep.

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Prolific study guides

Want to know what the heck happened in that story or what that poem really means? We've got more insight than Freud analyzing Oedipus.

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From Algebra to Poetry, Kafka to Zola, and everything in between, we’ve got a course for that.

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Create your own classrooms, use ready-made gradebooks and course curricula, and engage your students without consulting Urban Dictionary.

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PBIS and social-emotional learning

Think we only help students increase IQ? Develop MENSA-level expertise in emotional intelligence too.

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College credit

"Your mom goes to college!" You can too! Earn college credits online with our ACE-approved courses.

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What is Shmoop?

Yes, it is a real word! Shmoop is a verb that means “to move things forward a little bit.”

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