ACT® Teacher Module

Help your students ACE the ACT.

  • Pages of review: 30

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What's Inside Shmoop's Online ACT® Teacher Guide

  • Scripted ACT® lessons that won't make you or your students snooze
  • A course planner that organizes the lessons into a 4- or 14-week course—your call, Teach
  • Explanations that cover every topic on the English, Math, Reading, Science, and even the pesky optional Writing sections of the test
  • Ready-to-print student handouts keyed to the material you cover in each lesson
  • Brand-new sample problems that reinforce the lessons and the material in the ACT® student guide
  • Useful tips for mastering English grammar questions, decoding essay prompts, and dealing with the ACT®'s unique science questions
  • Sample essays that illustrate the modern art of ACT® writing
  • Practice exercises to mold your students into ACT® masters
  • Math problems from pre-algebra to trigonometry…and everything in between
  • A chance to pit your students against each other in an epic Shmoints showdown